Bitangel focuses on building the V SYSTEMS ecosystem and driving mass adoption of blockchain technology through strategic investment and incubation.

The Fund

The Bitangel fund is formed through V SYSTEMS’ initiatives and partnerships with its co-founders and investors.

Bitangel will invest in projects that are built on the V SYSTEMS blockchain platform, with a focus on decentralized applications (DApps) for internet and financial services. This includes established or early-stage companies which have started exploring blockchain technology and have real-world uses cases with high market demand and user base.


Apart from investment and funding, Bitangel will also provide projects with ultimate support to scale their businesses. Jointly supported by leading industry players, well-known investors, and Sunny King’s team, we provide exposure, connections and mentorship to foster and nurture potential projects in early stage, and accelerate its growth from product development to recruitment, business development, and marketing.

Bitangel serves multiple purposes:

  • To facilitate high-potential companies in internet and financial service sectors through utilization of blockchain technology.
  • Expanding V SYSTEMS ecosystem by encouraging more investors, established companies and quality projects.
  • Identifying projects with real-world use cases and high market demand to promote mass adoption of blockchain technology.

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